My 1st Book!

Suddenly I was enveloped with fear. I had my first book written and ready for publishing on Amazon Kindle, but I couldn’t allow myself to press the submit button.

Funny but posting my thoughts on my blogs seemed easy-peasy. I usually psyched myself when I look at the number of views that it was just me reading my thoughts. I know for a fact that people are busy and they have no time to read paragraphs. It’s easier to hit the “like” button to be friendly.

I have a friend who told me he saw my post and liked it, and I asked why? What did he learn from it? He laughed and said I didn’t know there will be Q & A portion. I begged for him to read the blog (LOL). He did and got back to me with a comment. Haha.

But, sometimes I do get comments (without demanding for it), and it feels like a validation that people do read my stuff. It feels good to know that friends and acquaintances try to spend a little of their time to “read me” and maybe, get something from it.

In one of my FB posts, I wrote that writing makes me happy. I love how the spirit moves my thoughts to a beautiful message. I often pray to God on how I would like to live my life doing what I love to do most. My prayers are weird because it would hit me in the face sometimes. You see, I know what I like, but am I doing it? Nope. So one time, I’ve decided just to go ahead and do it. I wrote and wrote.

And it happened. My first book “Believe It to See It: Dreams Do Come True” came to life!

Now, should I hit the submit button?

That night, I told Dennis, my husband, that I will just post my book online for sale but will not promote it. I told him if God brings the person to it then the book is for him if not, never mind. It was all spoken out of fear. I suddenly fear people’s judgments, opinions, and feedback.

I had to stop my nonsense because I knew from the start I could never please everyone.  I also remembered why I wrote the book in the first place.

My purpose: to magnify God and praise Him for allowing me to realize my dreams, even if I didn’t know how, when, and where.

I thought about those one or two or three people who need the inspiration, the message, and my stories and with all gratefulness…I hit the submit button.

To God be the Glory!

Please check it out on Amazon Kindle and be blessed.


Believe It to See It: Dreams Do Come True




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