3 Simple Mindsets To Achieve Your Goals

Ten years ago, I was caught in a dilemma.

I envisioned a family “together” forever but I did not know how to get there.

It sucks not to know “HOW,” right?

But I did not allow not knowing “HOW” block me from achieving my goal. Instead, I did these three simplest mindsets that made my dreams come true!


I focused on the positive reasons why I deserve what I want. Instead of focusing on what I do not want to happen, I zeroed in on what and why I want it to happen now!

I detached myself from the HOW because my reasons WHY were far more important than how to get there. My mind was telling me the HOW was easy if my mind my vision is fixed.


I knew what I wanted, but since I had no hold of the future, I just decided to love and become more grateful for my present.

Instead of cursing and complaining about things that are not happening well with my present, I loved it and thanked God for it more and more!

I enjoyed every minute I had with family, relatives, childhood friends, teacher-friends, and our community, Ang Pamilya Ng Panginoon. I made the most of my time building relationships with them, knowing at the back of my mind, I have memories to cherish when I leave (even if I did not have any idea how it will happen!) I loved my present and was thankful to God for everything!


Since I did not know how my dreams would come to reality, then I could only do what I could.

I thought it makes no sense to worry or feel anxious about my future when it’s all in God’s hands. So, instead of begging God over and over about my dreams, I thanked Him for making it come true, even if it hasn’t happened yet.

I kept my vision high. I spoke about my dreams. I thought about it. I acted like it was coming very soon!

The first thing I did was to buy a suitcase. My friends saw me at the mall and asked what the luggage was for I told them I would be traveling soon! Then, my kids and I went to get passports. My aunt was in the house and asked where we had been. I told her the same. We will be traveling soon.

I cut out photos of America and posted it on our bedroom walls. I thought, seeing my vision every day would make it more real for me!

Every time our household helper would ask where I was going (even if I was only running errands), my reply was always  “To America, join me?”


And then, believe it. God with His infinite wisdom and miracles worked its way to its fruition, like magic!  I started not knowing HOW, heck, I did not even have money! I had no savings, nothing! I merely followed His lead the whole time… and He told me where to go, what to do, what to think. I did not resist. I did not doubt. I did not complain. I just put everything into His hands, and it happened.

I think I will live my life sharing my story to all. It has been ten years, and it still amazes me how He made my dream come true for our family.

But that was my story, I know we all have our share of great stories! I hope in times of anxiety and worry we just go back to our magical stories to uplift our spirits and continue to believe!



Teach-USA continues to find teachers who are best fit to teach in New Mexico. If this post speaks to you, allow yourself to imagine. Give yourself permission to go outside of your box and make your dreams come true – yes, without knowing HOW. Just because, you believe!

May God bless our dreams!



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