Be Positive

So, what if after following “..whatever-your-mind-can-conceive-and-believe, it-will-achieve” mindset and just tried to focus on what we want, STILL, the result isn’t what we want?

What will we do next.. and how come it didn’t work?

Well, I’ve just read THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne book again, and interestingly, my question just got answered:

Quoting from the book, page 146:

Don’t become mesmerized by the pictures that have appeared if they are not what you want. Take responsibility for them, make light of them if you can and let them go. Then think new thoughts of what you want, feel them and be grateful that it is done.

Now, here’s my point of view:

Maybe, just maybe, it didn’t happen because, for a thing to manifest, it actually needs our emotions in it. The feeling of being happy about it.. the feeling of ecstasy.. because we really want it!

.. and another rule of the thumb is never to ever let any negative thoughts come into play. No negative energy what so ever!!

Just block it.. focus, focus, focus!!! Lol.. but really it’s not that hard. we simply need to be grateful for the blessings, for the love and light that are with us now.

If it still won’t happen, then let’s continue to give praise and bless the situation. God for sure has better things planned for us.

No, not that we are letting go of what we really really want, but we are just setting it aside, as we focus on another beautiful, positive and lovely thing.

Now, that’s what I call.. living an abundant life of blessings and praise.

May God continue to shower us with His mercy, love, and compassion as we hurdle life’s challenges and mystery.