“May You Always Be Satisfied!”

My daughter celebrated her 15th birthday last April, and I thought it would be nice to have the kids do some painting to keep them busy.

One output made me pause for a second, it says, “Hamilton was non-stop, so are you. May you always be satisfied.”

The mom of the girl who painted this said she’s thoughtful, sincere, and intellectual.

It was an excellent reminder though.

Yes, it was the Alexander Hamilton, one of theΒ Founding Fathers of the United States, and promoter of the U.S. Constitution who had always been, non-stop. (Now, I’d like to watch the Broadway’s new musical hit, Hamilton, to know more about him.)

May you always be satisfied…


Funny, but I’ve always embraced change as the only thing that is constant in this world.

I’d go for more – be more, do more, and have more, but never be satisfied. I always have this thirst to learn, to explore my possibilities, and dream of tomorrow, but never stop.

As if maybe, like Hamilton, I’d rather be on the go, fulfill, and achieve.

But one day, while walking to the office, my mind was busy with all my to-do list and plans for the coming weekend as usual, when suddenly, peace just took over.

I looked up and thank God sincerely. I thanked him for the simplest to the grandest, beautiful, and lovable things He has done for my family and me through the years.

I thanked Him for giving me an opportunity to walk from the train station to the office, and that helped me get my daily exercise. I thanked Him for my job, for the people I work with, and for the opportunity to do what I know I am best at doing.

And that morning, I was satisfied, and it gave me peace.

As we continue to seek for more – more money, better retirement, affordable cost of living, beautiful culture, fantastic weather, fat paycheck, A+ schools, most excellent health insurance, best state or country… let us remember there will always be ‘check and balances,’ ‘positives and negatives,’ and ‘good, bad, and ugly.’

There will always be indecisions, mistakes, comparisons, guilt, excuses, and reasons. But there could also be lessons to be learned, paths to take, a road less traveled to enter in, and a way for God to make us whole again.

It is one thing always to seek, question, rush, and go for gold but another to know we’ve done our best, and we let God handle the rest. Β It is another to look at God’s blessings and graces in our lives and be grateful as we soak in His goodness and love.

No place will ever be perfect. No one will ever be perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect.

God is the only one who will make things, event, situations, people, places, and time perfect for us.

Friends, as we wait for our dreams to come true, let us not be restless instead, let us allow God to embrace us and let us be satisfied.



3 thoughts on ““May You Always Be Satisfied!””

  1. Well said. Sometimes I feel dissatisfaction in my life. I also feel I am not enough for the people around me. Then I found my self talking to God. Then I reflect on all the events that happened in my life that makes me who I am. You are right, this life will never be perfect. But God made everything in our life perfect for us. We must be grateful instead of looking for something not perfect for us.

  2. As a mom, I’ve always been very busy. But I try to spend quiet times to seek the peace and contentment from Him who is the perfecter of things. You’re right that nothing and no one is perfect except Him.

  3. Such a nice reminder. I think the older I become, the more content I become with my life. It’s definitely far from perfect but I’ve learned to recognize the fact that God has blessed me with so much already. I have a lot to be thankful for.

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