Stand Firm in Faith with CFC-NM 😍

Two weeks after graduating from the Christian Life Program (CLP) of Couples for Christ (CFC) last year, we attended the CFC-New Mexico summer camp.  I remember Tin invited us for a photo shoot the next day while having breakfast. Tin and Alvin lead CFC-NM.  They said it will be used for the conference talent show happening at the end of the week. While photos were taken, I wasn’t sure what happened but I overheard Alvin calling my name and letting me know Dennis, my husband, wanted us to join the conference at the very last minute!

Yes at that time, the registration was already closed!  But God made a way for us to join the CFC Western Conference – Rejoice Weekend last July 8-10, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

This year, well… it’s a different story.

The conference will be held in Ontario, California, some 12 hours away from our place… and unfortunately, we have no budget for the event!

From the very first email invitation about the conference… mmm, I just deleted it. When asked if we were joining, Dennis and I just shook our heads. We were asked a number of times and our answer was a flat no.

Until Easter Sunday, Leni, another member, casually said the group has decided we’ll be Lobo this year, and to have an impact we’ll be on all fours going up the stage. My curiosity was piqued and I started imagining… no, started googling CFC conference… encoding our names and registering for the event.

Now, I wasn’t really sure if it was the Lobo, the name of the athletic teams at University of New Mexico, which pushed us to say ‘Yes, we are joining again this year!’ or the creative idea of walking on all fours that excited us, mmmm, me.

But I know it was more than that… God must be smiling.

So here we are! Yes! We are here with you beautiful people of CFC-USA in this fabulous strong and faithful weekend in Ontario, California. Yehey!



CFC-NM may still be small in number but I am amazed by how God brought us all together.

We came from different walks of life, we each have our own stories, we each have our own element and yet God tied and blended us all to become one family, all because of His great love for us.

Despite all the hurdles, challenges, and problems, we have continued to remain strong in our faith. We have shown bravery, loyalty, and faithfulness in our walk with the Lord and we have stood our ground to protect what is the most important of it all, love.

Yes, just like LOBO!


Are you blind when you’re born? Can you see in the dark?

Dare you look at the king? Would you sit on his throne?

Can you stand firm in your faith without backing down?

How confident are you when you’re walking alone?


Because the Lobos are and the Lobos do

The Lobos do and the Lobos would

The Lobos can and the Lobos do


When you fall on your head, do you land on your feet?

Are you tense when you sense there’s storm in the air?

Scared you shall not, God will make a way

In the darkest of night, He puts up the light


The Lobos do and the Lobos can

The Lobos can and the Lobos do

The Lobos do and the Lobos can

The Lobos can and the Lobos do


Fearless, faithful, full of trust, yes we are!

Singing praises and conquering fear!

Getting stronger and stronger we are!

God makes a way, oh yes, He does!


The Lobos sings to God

The Lobos embraces you

The Lobos loves the Lord

The Lobos smiles at you!



The Lobo was the wolf that changed America…

and CFC-NM’s hearts as we prepare for this conference!


The Lobo lived in Currumpaw Valley, New Mexico.  For many, many years, the Lobo was respected for his cleverness, feared for his prowess, and was the leader of the pack. The King of Currumpaw!

Never had any known the heart of the Lobo, until Ernest Thomson Seton, killed the Lobo’s mate, a white wolf nicknamed Blanca.

From the excerpts of the book, ‘Wild Animals I Have Known’ written by Seton, “Seton heard the howls of Lobo for two days afterward. Lobo’s calls had an unmistakable note of sorrow in it… It was no longer the loud, defiant howl, but a long, plaintive wail.”

“On January 31, 1894, Lobo was caught, with each of his four legs clutched in a trap. On Seton’s approach, Lobo stood despite his injuries and howled. Touched by Lobo’s bravery and loyalty to his mate, Seton could not kill him. He and his men roped Lobo, muzzled him and secured him to a horse, taking him back to the ranch. Lobo refused to eat or even look at his captors. They secured him with a chain and he just gazed across his fallen kingdom. Lobo died that night, 4 hours later, due to a broken heart.”

The wilderness preservation movement started after America learned of the Lobo’s story.


Brothers and sisters, deep down, living creatures are all the same… 

We are brave, we are loyal, we all long for God, and we all love.


May God be praised!



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