Changing Thoughts

At 24 and still single, my friends and I decided it was time to start dating. The great thing about it was we actually got to eat for freeΒ and saved some bucks on transportation. Lol.

But yes, we were actually very decided on having a relationship already. And so we dated.

There were some guys who were passed on from one to another. Lol! (Well, for obvious reasons, like, the guy was generous, but not her type, but since he was generous, might as well, check him out too! .. and so – happy-tummy! hahaha)

I was not sure if the Universe conspired with us when we declared to ourselves and to each other that “This is it! We will start dating and we will find ourselves a boyfriend!”.

I think the declaration mattered most! Lol!

Why? because it happened. We all got into relationships that same year!

It was as if, meant to be. But, not until we were decided to let it happen. Until then, it was just a thought- when we declared and took the dive, it all happened! – and we had a blast!

Yes, everything has its time, place and season. Everything has a reason. But, until we find that reason and purpose for ourselves, it will just remain a dream.

Until we do something from within, nothing will change.

My two cents.