4 Steps To Make Our Dreams Come True

I am a visual learner, I love printing quotes and posting it on walls. I love creating visual boards and dreaming my future. I believe there is power in not just living in the present but taking time in making dreams come true!

I know it’s kinda weird, but, beautiful things have happened because I took the time to set goals, visualize, and trust God will make it come true for me.

Sometimes, it felt like magic, a miracle, or at other times, a déjà vu! See my post about it on my other blog.

Like a movie in my mind, it would play over and over, complete with all the emotions. Never had I thought that I was molding my future with my present thoughts.


One day, however, I allowed over-confidence to take over and I scheduled my goals. I scheduled it to the years, months, and days. I was looking at the future and was putting things in place. I felt like God, I knew the day and the hour! But, of course, it was an epic fail!

The months and years came and passed, and nothing happened. My plan didn’t happen. You know what happened? The opposite!

I made three conclusions then.

First, visualizing does work, in God’s perfect time, all my dreams will come true! God holds the future in His hands, He got it all planned out!

Second, dreaming of the future is like planting seeds in our thoughts, eventually, it will grow and bloom! Sometimes, depending on the roots, it will be in an instant, at other times, it takes a lot of time to grow. Time is God’s way of preparing our hearts for it.

Third, I can only believe it will happen, and then I should let go, and simply trust! As soon as I plant those seeds of dreams in my thoughts and water it daily through visualization, I only need to trust that everything, all the people I meet, the situations I encounter, and all the challenges I conquer will lead me to that ultimate goal.

When I scheduled my dreams on the exact time it will happen, how and where it will happen, I was limiting God of His generosity and power. I thought it can only happen my way when the truth is there are plenty of ways a dream can come true and only God can make it happen for me!

Silly me.

How then, do we make our dreams come true?

Let’s try my 4-step formula! MR. BM.

First, Mirror Work. After waking up every morning, let’s look at ourselves in the mirror… smile, and say, “I love you… I really, really love you! God is making a way to make our dreams come true very, very soon!”

Second, Remember. Let’s do what’s fun for us to remember our dreams every day! If you like writing like me, let’s write our dreams, or you may sing it, daydream it, talk about it, draw it, dance it, visualize it, whatever makes us happy let’s just do it even for 5 minutes daily!

(Warning: Be specific with your dreams! A friend of mine dreamed of a car before, every day we hear her say, “God, please give me a van – Dodge, color – green” and guess what? It came true! Then she told us, “God really makes our dreams come true, but you have to be very specific! I got my green Dodge but it’s old, I should have said, God, I like it brand new too!”)

Third, Believe. Let Go. Trust. Let’s believe in the power of our dreams. Trust God. Let go and let’s be mindful of how we live our lives daily! I think mindful living is the key!

Fourth, Mirror Work. Before retiring to bed, let’s look at ourselves in the mirror again and say, “You are amazing, I love you… I really, really love you! God is making a way to make our dreams come true very, very soon!”

I bet you from today on, our dreams are already taking roots!!!

Happy me!

Happy us!


Friends, may all our dreams come true, very, very soon!



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