To Believe is To See God’s Everyday Miracles!

My husband continued to nag me about not being careful enough to not lose the car keys way after the keys have been found and all was well. He missed the miracle! I didn’t.

You see, God is a God of miracles, and I hope we don’t miss it just because we were so focused on the problem and proving righteousness to others.


It was my daughter’s confirmation and the church was packed. I was happily enjoying the moment until it was almost the end of the celebration and I looked for my keys.

I couldn’t find it! Dennis searched his pockets and at my friends’ bags but no keys!

At the back of my mind, I left it in the restroom and I was clueless!

I went outside to look for it as I remembered the last I held it was when I went to the restroom. It wasn’t there. I went to the altar server’s room where lost and found items were stored, it wasn’t there.

Then there was this man with little kids in tow who approached me and asked if I was looking for my keys, I said yes!

He said his wife found it and started texting his wife (who was inside the church). I let him be as I went inside the church again just near to still see him.

The archbishop gave his last blessing and the crowd started walking out of the church.


The man approached me again and told me his wife gave my keys to one of the ushers, so he couldn’t help me anymore. I said, thank you.

The problem was with the flux of people here and there, I wasn’t sure how to identify who the ushers were, it was impossible!



But, I couldn’t allow my mind to think of negative things, and think negatively of what happened. Also, I wouldn’t want to miss the beauty of the event and the opportunity to take photos and capture the moment!

For some reason, I know and believe God will make a way and I will find my keys just in time.

So, I remained calm and composed as I smiled for the photos.

In between times, I approached the priest, the deacon, and one of the students studying to become a priest if they have seen my keys. They all said, no.


There were still a lot of people in the lobby but after having all our photos taken, it was time to go.

At that time one of our friends asked if I already found my keys, I told her no. Then she said the sweetest thing!  “Well, I overheard someone about some keys and that she gave the keys to the photographer.”

The photographer was just to my right, I walked to him and asked for my keys, and he gave it to me!


It was definitely beautiful!

Simply beautiful! I love how believing works big time!

I just love how God weaved the stories of our lives, from the littlest thing to the most bizarre thing! I love how He brought people in our lives to guide us to see His wonders!

May God be praised!



4 thoughts on “To Believe is To See God’s Everyday Miracles!”

  1. Ugh! I’m so good at losing things too! We don’t have a car pero sa malililiit na bagay pa lang, napagsasabihan na ako ni hubby pag namisplace ko, ano pa kaya ang car key. God is really good no, He works in ways we can’t see or imagined!

  2. Good for you that you were able to find the car key. I can’t imagine myself if I were in your situation, pasa-pasa yung car key. Nakakastress tapos may event ka pa. Indeed, there can be miracle when you believe. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing that at times everything just turns out right. And during those times it’s undeniably the hands of God at work. I’m glad you found your keys. It’s a real panicky situation when one loses keys!

  4. If I were you I would have panicked. Hindi lang naman kasi panyo yung nawala hehe. Buti na lang you were able to get them back. Whew. Sometimes being a mom makes us so forgetful. Imagine packing stuff for 3 or 4 people, most of the time yung gamit pa natin naiiwan haha.

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