Get $30 on your first money transfer!

Who wants $30.00 free money?!

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If you are sending money to the Philippines anyway (or your family and relatives are sending you money from the USA or wherever), why not try this company and get $30.00 free money!

Easy cash!

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Have you tried Pangea Money Transfer?

It’s the app I use to send money to Latin America & Asia!

Get $30 extra on your first transfer with my promo code MH7361.

The app is easy to use for sending money home. Plus you can send up to $2,999 for a low flat fee.

Try it here:

What’s the difference with Remitly?


First: Exchange Rate


Remitly as of 11/25/2017 is at $1=Php49.37
free 20
While Pangea as of 11/25/2017 is at $1=Php49.52


If you transfer $100, that will be Php 4952.00 with Pangea and Php 4937.00 with Remitly.

Second: Transfer Fees


With Remitly, you have two options. Express – where funds are transferred immediately, you pay $3.99 using debit/credit card and Economy– where funds are available 4 days after, is free using your bank account.

free 20


While Pangea is fixed $4.99 for all transfers, regardless of how much money you will send, using just one option: debit card.


free 30

Third: Promotion


If this is your first time to use Remitly – you get a rate of $1=$54.00, which is also great!

If this is your first time using Pangea – you get $30.00 FREE MONEY!

Fourth: Delivery Method


They both have the same delivery method if you send to bank or cash pick up.

Choices for Cash Pick Up:


Choices for Bank Deposit… the list goes on for banks:


Decision time:

The fun thing is you get EASY CASH for doing so! 🙂

If you want REMITLY, click this link:

If you want Pangea’s $30.00, click this link:

Enjoy your FREE MONEY whichever company you try!



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