Mi Amor

I dreamt of you.. long before.. and here you are!

 As if we’ve communicated in our dreams for long…

As if we were long time friends who have met again…

As if you were my twin, lost in heaven…

Dreams could be realized – indeed!

I dreamt of you.. and here you are!

My heart thumped so hard, ready to fall on my chest

You were just a dream.. and here you are!

And God was grinning, “My design, my child, my design”.

I was bewildered, stunned, shocked, mesmerized.. in all truth!

But deep within, my heart was full of gratefulness.

For God said “ Wait. I have something good for you…

And you will know in Time!”

And it has come to pass. His word was realized.

My dream came true.

You found me. I welcomed you.

We smiled. We laughed. We cried.

We talked in words, in action, in silence.

We held hands. We kissed and embraced.

We made our vow, “to have and to hold,

From this day forward, until death do us part”.

And who would have thought? – a simple dream…

A dream of you…, came true!