Seven Ways to Heal Yourself

I hope we can just put band-aid and all our aches, pains and diseases will go away. If we can only heal ourselves, wouldn’t it be best?

I continue to open my mind to things beyond my “box”, and in doing so I’ve found alternatives and options to healing.

I studied Reflexology when our daughter, Mymy was three years old. Up to now, I still believe it was because of the pressing, massaging and pushing of the reflex points and areas on my feet, hands or ears that brought Mimoi, our son, into this world. I got pregnant with Mimoi right after graduating from the course!

Anyhow, my mom, one time complained of body ache, head ache and generally not feeling well. She said she has taken her medicines already. I know, giving her reflexology and massage will help her get better soon and so I practiced all skills that I learned on her.

The thing is, I press hard. Oh, real hard! She was saying “Aray Ko!”, or “Ouch” in English, the whole time! I told her she would feel good the next day.

Indeed, she felt great the next day!

Reflexology and the energy healing worked!

I believe magical powers happen when Eastern and Western medical practices are combined!

To this day, I still massage my kids whenever they are not feeling well. My husband doesn’t want me to press even his hands, because, he said I press too hard! Lol.

Oh, I also do it to friends, and it is fun to see them cringe from pain, fun because I know something good is released every time I press their hands. At every pressure point, fresh blood is released to all their body parts and organs and system. I am sure, they will feel better after that.

I swear to them, if they have head ache before, it will be replaced by hand ache, Lol.

As promised, here are the 7 easy and simple ways to heal yourself. I have also included links on how to do it yourself!

All these self healing techniques are both curative and preventive. But, be sure to use your common sense in doing some of the techniques, if you need medical advice, go to your doctor, if you are pregnant, go to your doctor, if you are taking medicines, take your medicines.

These self-healing ways to heal your body are just supplementary. Although I know some who do mostly these to heal themselves, it is best to listen to your body as well.


#1 Press Your Hands and Feet!

It is really simple. See all these points in the picture? PRESS it or have one of your family members press it for you.

The application of the pressure from your thumbs, fingers or hands will help release toxins and will make you feel better.


photo from

Rainbow HAND Reflexology/ Acupressure Massage Chart



photo from

Rainbow FOOT Reflexology/ Acupressure Massage Chart

Reflexology or zone therapy is a popular alternative therapy and natural art or way of healing. It helps in reducing tension,  stress, and pains, and encourages the body to its natural overall healing.

You may also get your own reflexology book at Amazon to help you in your self-healing process.

How To Do Hand Reflexology on Yourself:

HAND Reflexology/ Acupressure Massage

How To Do Foot Reflexology on Yourself:

FOOT Reflexology/ Acupressure Massage

#2. Press Your Ears!

Our ears are connected to all our major organs too! Applying pressure on it will alleviate aches and pains.


photo from

I saw this site in one of my FB groups – the use of clothes pins, perfect!

I didn’t know until now that “pingut”, or pinching of ears, actually works! Lol!

How To Do Ear Reflexology On Yourself

Ear Reflexology 

#3. Slap, Slap, Slap! 

Slap your elbows, inside of your elbows, knees, back of your knees, back of your hands and back of your feet

I found this site when I was frantically looking for massage technique my family can use to heal Mommy when she was delirious for days because of Hyponatremia. See her story here.

Slapping your way to health is Chinese Master Hongchi Xiao‘s technique to self-healing. He is promoting Paida Lajin self-healing therapy.

Paida or “slapping technique”, he said, will expel poisonous waste and toxins and it will facilitate the smooth flow of energy in the body.

Ok. Slapping hurts and with slapping come bruises. Ouch!

But I do know that when I am having a hard time with my bowel movement. I do tap my knees and it does help with the excretion.

How To Slap Yourself

#4. Do LaJin Posture #1

Lie down on a chair, put your feet up, put your other feet down, and raise your arms.


photo from Hongchi Xiao FB page

This technique is part of the Paida Lajin Self-Healing Technique from Master Honchi Xiao, he said this posture will help stretch meridians in your body.

When we stretch our meridians many positive effects happen.

It helps remove all tensions, stress, and pains in our body. It increases our flexibility, improves our posture, and helps our major organs.

#5. Do LaJin Posture #2

Stand by the door frame, raise your arms, bend one leg forward, and stretch the other leg behind.


photo from

This is “La-jin” posture part of Paida Lajin Self-Healing Technique from Master Honchi Xiao. La means “stretch” and “jin” means ligaments and tendons. He said this is a self-healing posture.

We will be healthy if we stretch our ligaments and tendons daily.

#6. Guasha (Scrape) Your Meridians 

Guasha or “meridian scrapping”, an ancient East Asian healing technique. We have 12 primary paired meridians and two single mid meridians. These meridians, at a cellular level, show our deep connection to the universe, to the flow of energy.

To allow life to flow, it is important that these meridians are scraped.


photo from

Scraping our meridian will help to tune up the immune system, boost energy, rid aches and pains, improve sleep quality, and prevent sickness.

How to Apply Guasha On Yourself

Guasha uses tools to scrape the body. Here’s one I found online. Guasha

The BEST Jade Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool + Highest Quality Hand Made Jade Guasha Board

I posted on my other post how GuashaMeridian Therapy healed my mother after the doctors told us that antibiotics are not working on her body anymore. See her story here.

It was Dr. Diona Reina Jacoba-Mabus, my college dorm mate,  who referred me to guasha and the Meridian Herbal Essential Oils to detox her body of antibiotics overkill.

You may contact her at +63917-548-1644, or email her at Just let her know you read this blog.

#7. SLEEP For 7-8 Hours

We tend to take sleep for granted, but if we want our bodies to heal itself sleep is the best way to do that!

So, sleep!

self-healing All these techniques allow Sha (the toxins in our bodies) to be released and promotes the free flow of the Qi, (life force) and blood in our systems.

It is with every press, massage, stretch, scrape or slap that new, fresh blood is released and circulated to those areas of our body that have been deprived, obstructed and limited because of stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and diseases.

Happy Self-Healing!



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