Daily Reflections | Soul-Searching for 365 Days


Soul-searching. According to Google, it is deep and anxious consideration of one’s emotions and motives or of the correctness of a course of action. 

I don’t think I’ve ever done this intentionally.

It was, however on December 12, 2011, when I decided to write for 365 days.

Here was my blog post about it:

“I’ve always wanted to write every day. But that WANT never came to pass. I seem to have a lot of excuses for not being able to write.. even if my mind is asking me too. So I’ve created another blog site, this time, with high hopes that I’d be able to write my daily insights on living, loving and learning.

One day at a time… one story at a time.. for 365 days.

So here I am again…

Claiming that I am a person in her sacred quest.. mmmm

Knowing that there is so much more to my realities or illusions?

That there is so much more that I haven’t tapped.

That there is so much more to do, to write, to be…

That the best is yet to come.. and believing that I am in the lifelong process of discovering, unfolding, demystifying.. the real me deep down.

I hope that you’d join me as I write my her heart out…

Stories of my life. Stories to share. Stories to learn about. Stories to read.

Positive that as I uncover mysteries of life in its simplicity and beauty, YOU will also be able to relate, find common things, learn, unlearn, undo, redo, own, justify, correct, metamorphose, change… life as it is.


I was able to accomplish my goal a year after that! Well, not really, I was 50 posts short! But I celebrated that day, December 12, 2012.

Today, 4 years and 24 days later, I am reviving my 365 Days Project with Daily Reflections|Soul-Searching for 365 Days #2017!

For 365 days I will be writing inspirations, messages or any out-of-the-box thoughts daily.

Yes, I call it soul-searching.

Join me as I find meaning in my daily existence this Fire Rooster Year #2017.

May the good Lord bless all our plans, dreams, thoughts and may this year be the best year yet for all of us!



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