Why We Need To Sit Less And Stand More

stand more

While chatting with a friend, she asked about my husband, Dennis. I told her he is working now. She asked where. I told her at a public school where we live. She asked what position he holds. I told her, custodian.

There was a pause, and then she typed, good thing he doesn’t feel insecure about his job compared to yours. I told her no, he’s Ok.

I told her Dennis is even lucky he gets to work out and do his exercise 8 hours a day.

Unlike me, I sit all day!

I have to be conscious and intentional with standing and walking on my break and lunch time; otherwise, I am the one who is actually insecure with Dennis’ line of work!


Because in the end, it is who is healthy who is secure!

We recently had our blood taken and checked, and guess who had the high risk on what? Dennis, last year, just had over 2 on his cholesterol, while I have over 70 on my triglycerides!

His work helped his health big time! While I chew on junk, fructose, more sodium, more carbs and no exercise, I have stored more fat than I could burn!

I agree with Dr. Levine, the inventor of the treadmill desk, when he coined “Sitting is the new smoking!”  I think sitting is new cancer! Sitting is killing us!

We do have times when we just want to sit on our comfy couch, cuddle with our loved ones, eat junk, and watch movies, or sleep all day! I mean, there are times when we just want to be lazy!

But being lazy all day every day, will not, definitely, do us good.

As I typing my thoughts, I am slowly getting up from our comfy bed, whisking the computer away from my pillow to my working desk. I just removed the chair, as I continue to type and allow my body to move from side to side, feeling the rhythm, I now thump my feet and my body to allow blood to flow through my veins to all parts of the body.

I’ve also made adjustments at work. I now stand more while working.

It is definitely time to workout, sit less, exercise more and love ourselves!



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