Surrendering To God

I’ve realized, yes, sometimes, we just need to be reminded, time and again, to just let go and let God.

Let us not be upset, worry or be overwhelmed when our goals or dreams have not happened yet, in our own schedule.

Let’s enjoy life, let’s not miss the joy of the moment by worrying over something we have no control of. Let’s not be consumed by making that dream happen to the point of unhappiness.

God has placed that desire, that dream in our hearts. Let’s continue to hold on to that dream, but let us learn to surrender.

God is in control. He holds our future in His hands. In His own time, it will come to pass or maybe He has better plans.

Not our will, but God’s will be done.


You know our heart’s desires. Keep us rooted to your peace. Let us always remember You work in amazing ways! We may not understand, and we don’t need to, we just need to trust that you are working behind the scenes in our lives.

In your time, You will make our dreams come true. In Jesus’ Name.