Why Making Excuses Won’t Work?

One thing I love about walking from the train station to my workplace is that I get to pass by this beautiful boutique.

I love what the mannequins are wearing every time. I love the colors, I love the styles, and I love all the outfits!

Every day my attraction to everything they are selling is just getting stronger and stronger!

I started riding the train since May last year and yet never once did I attempt to enter the store nor peeped on what’s inside, clearance sale or not, I never checked it out!


Well, I could count not having time as an excuse, in the morning their store is still closed, in the evening, I am rushing to get on the train.

I could count my perception of the prices as way higher than I could afford.

I could also count my unnecessary thinking that I don’t deserve their clothes yet.

Weird, right?

How can I walk past the store day in and out for more than a year, admiring, loving, enjoying all the designs and yet not do something about it?

You know the song, “Time, I’ve been passing the time, watching “dreams” go by all of my life…”  I know it should have been “train” instead of “dream.” But still, I am allowing time to pass by I am letting styles to go out of season as I eagerly await new designs for the new season only as a passerby and weirdly, I am allowing change to happen as an onlooker.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of courtship, a lot of hard selling, and a lot of pushing… but sometimes, it takes just one look and I know I’ve got to have it because I know I deserve it. Yes, never mind the perceived price nor the time to make it happen.

But wait, I am not saying this is bad either, in reality, there is nothing wrong with this scenario; it is just the way it is.

When we launched Teach-USA last month, it has all the more opened my eyes to life. It has allowed me to look at perceptions of people and how they respond to obstacles or achieving their goals.

I know until I am ready to take action, nothing will happen. Time will pass by, seasons will change, and I will continue to embrace my comfort zone…

… until I am ready to fully embrace who I am and know that counting reasons and making excuses will never work, I will never be.



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