3 Quotes That Will Change You


I fell in love with Leo Buscaglia when my friend Aleli gave me a book entitled “Living, Loving, and Learning”.

Back then I just started my career as a teacher.

You see, three days after my college graduation, I was already hired to teach summer classes. I taught Computer Technology to students who were my age and those who were even older than me!

Oh, my! I am sure my former students could tell you about the horror shameful stories I did!

I was very idealistic that as I taught my classes I forgot how to be humane. I was very idealistic and strict and I was a lot of things that I shouldn’t be.

Leo’s book got me back on track. Leo helped me find myself again.

He allowed me to remember what I was missing, what to look forward to and how to embrace the present.

I would like to share with you Leo Buscaglia’s top 3 quotes that made me change my life.


1. EMBRACING Change 


When I first read the book this is the quote that held my attention.

I shouldn’t be scared to embrace change.

Change, being the only thing that is constant in this world promises facing new challenges, and Leo said, that’s the joy of living!

For three years I had devoted myself to teaching. I gave my all but it came to a point when I felt drained.

I had memorized all my lectures to the point that at night, I’d just dream of what to teach and would teach it the next day!

I felt I have used all the strategies I’ve learned in college and have been very creative with it.

I’ve taught different college levels during that three years, plus, I have also been asked to teach graduate students, including all the nuns who run the college!

Warning: Be ready to change when you read Leo’s book. It is definitely life changing!

I started dreaming and wanting more. I was seeking for a change!

The next thing that happened? I was writing my resignation letter and defending my stance to the dean and the president of the college.

I think they had grown fond of me they did not want to let me go.

Yes, after that I’ve been a fantastic journey. From my comfort zone to being free!




Tsk, tsk… I was never a touchy-touchy person. It kinda grosses me out if I hold hands with my friends – boys or girls.

I wasn’t a hugging person too.

But, I have learned through the years the importance of touch, of hugging, of being a loving person, in my own little ways.




The thing with this quote is, I don’t like drama.

So, I couldn’t really relate much to being victimized and allowing to be a victim over and over again!

But wait! Maybe it was Leo too, who at my young forming mind then, was the one who changed my mindset in looking at things!

Trust, believe, be responsible for your actions, take the risk, and embrace life!

I hope you will check out his book and be amazed by God’s given life once more!

I promise you it is the best investment you can ever have!


Leo Buscaglia’s book is available here.
 You’ll love it!



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  1. I love reading quotes! They are so motivating! It’s always nice to read quotes that you can relate to especially when going through tough times. Thanks for sharing these lovely quotes with us!

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