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My Bucket List. I’ve written this post some four years ago. One particular item in the list popped out, “Work from Home as Virtual Professional”.

I guess the universe conspired to make it happen for me as I was led to Jomar Hilario.

I read Jomar’s name while reading Bo Sanchez’ blogs. He was introduced as his Internet Marketing guru. Bo Sanchez is a best-selling author in the Philippines. He is also an entrepreneur, preacher and lay minister.

Virtual Professional

I think he manages all his sites. I tracked him, subscribed to his blog and found his newsletter interesting. Very interesting.

He constantly talked about working at home, not commuting, and still earning as much or even more than being employed – in dollars!

I have been in the US for 10 years now, and because of my visa status, and whirlwind job experiences, the idea of working at home by becoming a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Secretary, or now called Virtual Professional came to mind.

While waiting for our papers, I have chosen to increase my technical skills by studying with Jomar.

Jomar is the pioneer Filipino trainer of Virtual Professionals and last year, he has published his book, Virtual Careers.

Virtual Professional

He is the #1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines and has the #1 longest running Virtual Careers webinar in the Philippines. He has come a long way since I’ve first encountered him online.

Now, what is this…



It is definitely not a scam.

It is what it is. An opportunity to work from home.

It is simply being able to resign from your day job to be with your family, away from the stressful commute and make your dreams come true, all while working in the comforts of your home as a Virtual Professional.

Virtual Professional



If you are a techie person – but haven’t had a chance to explore this opportunity, he will teach you how.

If you are a non-techie person – he will hold your hand until you will be able to do it on your own.

There are really no excuses!

He also gives free webinars. You can listen to one and all the other freebies he’s offering before deciding to finally join his seminars. That is perfectly fine too.

~~~ If you are an OFW for years now and you want to go home to your family soon… then this might be the answer to your prayers.

~~~ If you are sick and tired of commuting, traffic and road stress… then this might be the answer to your prayers.

~~~ If you are an employee who is happy with your work, but unhappy with your salary, you are overworked and not getting the amount you deserve for all your hard work… then this might be the answer to your prayers.

~~~ If you are a stay-at-home mom and would like to help your spouse with the financial responsibilities of sending your children to college… then this might be the answer to your prayers.

~~~ If you want to have the second stream of income to help your family with all the bills, house mortgage, groceries… then this might be the answer to your prayers.

He has helped a lot of people in this field already. But, the online world is in constant need of help!

Virtual Assistants are self-employed. They work for small or big businesses to help them with administrative, technical or creative (social media) assistance online.

Read what people are saying about him and his seminars/courses.

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional


“I’m the lucky one” – Isabelle Cuenco

When I made the decision to work sa bahay lang, I realized how suerte I am.

Suerte ko kasi nalaman ko na puede pala na may career ka pa din kahit nasa bahay lang.
But the real suerte came when I chose to resign and have a virtual career.

Suerte kasi you have no commuting costs. Before I had to spend P 4000 a month for travelling to/from work. Pagod ka na sa byahe, magastos pa. Cutting down on the commute is also great for the environment!

Suerte kasi you can finally ditch those long rainy journeys to your work, lalo na ngayong tag ulan (samahan mo pa ng “Habagat” effect). Nakaka-relate ka ba?

Suerte kasi you save in travel time. You can have an extra time for an early morning work out, kesa nagmamadali ka kasi baka maipit ka sa matinding traffic o makipag siksikan ka na naman sa MRT.

Suerte kasi you have flexible time.  It allows you to set your own working schedule so that you can prioritize more effectively.

Suerte kasi aside from the flexible time, you also have complete flexibility over your working environment – whether that’s your home office, a restaurant, a coffee shop, anywhere na may internet.

Suerte kasi you have less stress and distractions –  Say goodbye to your manager who needs a report on their desk ‘ASAP’ and team members who desperately need your assistance on top of your deadlines.

Suerte because of the proximity to your home & family – With long days and equally long travel times it can be hard to be there for your family. Working from home allows you to be closer to your children.

Suerte because improved health & fitness is more achievable – You now have more time for your well-being.  This could be a workout in the morning/lunch break or even just a 5-minute walk to clear your head.

Working from home also means you have access to your own fridge and kitchen facilities; this gives you more opportunity for healthier meals and snacks.

Suerte because you don’t need to spend for your workwear – In the office environment, it is often required that you dress in a certain way. Financing your workwear tends to be costly. You also have to endure working all day in an uncomfortable attire. Working from home gives you the ability to wear what you are comfortable with- even in your pajamas.

There are just some of the many perks you can get when you have a virtual career.”

Virtual Professional

If You Are A Virtual Assistant OR You Want To Become a Virtual Assistant And Start Earning Dollars While Working From Home, you will:

    • Learn How To Charge High Rates – go beyond the $3 dollars per hour mentality
    • Learn How To Negotiate with your online clients
    • Boost your productivity and impress your clients, learn 8 AWESOME cloud tools and save time for your VA business with your online clients 
    • Know the ONE NUMBER that your client uses as the basis for your performance
    • Get the NUMBER ONE IN DEMAND SKILL – clients will come knocking at your door because of this (it can trigger a bidding war!)
    • Appreciate TRAFFIC — the good traffic — and how it can make you more valuable to your clients
    • You will learn the step by step skills needed to charge high rates because this skill directly brings more income to any business.


Virtual Professional

Jomar is that one person who can help you…

  1. Work from Home – Be it Part-time or Full-Time
  2. Resign from your 8-5 Job and be free from traffic stress in the Philippines
  3. Resign from your day job as sales agent or government employee
  4. Retire early from the corporate world
  5. Resign from your call center job and travel as you want
  6. Go back to our home country, the Philippines, be with your family and earn from a high paying online job
  7. Be a Virtual Professional in your pajamas – if you want!

Yes, we do have our Philippines’ guru who can help you with that!

 Here are more testimonials!

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional



If you’re an OFW or a beginner who wants to start ASAP, this is for you.

Virtual Professional
You Can Work From Home Start Up Kit: Escape the 9-5 Stress, Enjoy Time Freedom and Earn The Income That You Want (4 Beginner Courses)
Virtual Professional
Get 4 downloadable courses How You Can Start Your Virtual Career at a crazily lowest price!

Be a Virtual Professional now! Click here!

Your Work From Home Start Up Kit includes:

☛ You Get Cebu How to Start Your Virtual Career Seminar Downloadables + Physical Workbook (value P 8,595)

☛ You Get Manila How To Start With Virtual Careers Manila Seminar Downloadables (Learn the 20 step how to start the process to become a Virtual Professional) (value P 8,595)

☛ You Get BONUS: 2016 Affiliate Marketing vs VA: Discover 2 Ways to Earn Online Downloadables (value P 3,995)

☛ You Get BONUS: VA2013 Virtual Assistant Seminar Premium Downloadable (value P 3,475)

☛ Your Get BONUS: How to Negotiate for a High-Pay Rate for Your First Gig (value P 2,575)

☛ You Get BONUS: Avoid trial and error on your online job hunting, have Jomar’s VAs checking and reviewing your online portfolio and resume to make sure you are on the right track

Get it now at 60% OFF for only P 11,852 instead of P 29,630!

Get it here: PROMO BUNDLE  

Total Bundle Value: P 29,630
Your Price Today: P 11,852 ONLY!

60% OFF


BUNDLE 1: You Can Work From Home Start Up Kit: Escape the 9-5 Stress, Enjoy Time Freedom and Earn The Income That You Want (4 Beginner Courses) (Learn how you can start your virtual careers with recorded videos of past seminars on how to start.)

BUNDLE 4: Back to Basics:
(Learn how you can start virtual careers in a monthly live meeting.) BUNDLE 4: is a live / webinar/meetings for basic “How To Start” topics running for 6 months. The topics are very beginner-friendly. Pacing is really slow. The goal is to start from zero.

Need a helping hand? Do you need intense assistance to begin your virtual career? Let VP’s hold your hand. Go to

BUNDLE 6: The Ultimate Getting Started Bundle! Learn how to be techie if you’re not yet one.
(This bundle includes Non-Techie Seminar + Manila VC Seminar (Summer 2017) + 2 Live Webinars)

BUNDLE 7: DAVAO How To Start Your Virtual Career Live Seminar with Workbook (Sept 2017)

BUNDLE 8: MANILA Date With Freedom Summit (Oct 2017) with Online Copywriting Course


BUNDLE 2: You Can Work At Home Advance Kit: Ultimate Virtual Skills That Will Help You Charge Up To $40/Hour Rate plus (IVS 2015) BUNDLE 2 is recordings so START any time. This is pure online- only recordings for IVS 2015. Start anytime and anywhere. This contains 6 months worth of videos you can watch/learn/listen to. Online or offline. There are no meetings. The topics are advanced. Pacing is average. The goal is to upgrade your skills.

BUNDLE 3: Resign & Enjoy Annual Passive Income From The Internet! (Second Income 2017) (Learn affi.liate mark.eting.)

BUNDLE 5: IVS 2017 Advanced:  Enjoy Six-Digit Monthly Online Income! Learn the latest high-valued skills while preparing to transition to Seven-Digit Monthly Incomes BUNDLE 5 is scheduled for JAN – JUL.  You can get this today at this price, but the topics for AUG  – DEC isn’t out yet. So you’re pre-paying pa. BUNDLE 5: IVS 2017 Advanced: Enjoy Six-Digit Monthly Online Incomes! Learn the latest high-valued skills while preparing to transition to Seven-Digit Monthly Incomes) Go to

BUNDLE 8: MANILA Date With Freedom Summit (Oct 2017) with Online Copywriting Course (newbies and advanced can attend Manila Date with Freedom)

  Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Learn from Internet Marketing Guru of the Philippines!

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

Virtual Professional

You may also avail of Jomar’s free webinars

Virtual Professional


Don’t make your dreams wait. Make it come true now! Be a Virtual Professional, work from home and embrace the beautiful change!

There’s nothing to lose. Jomar offers money back guarantee with no questions asked!



Disclosure: I have added an affiliate link into this post: If you sign up to Jomar’s seminars via the above link I will get a small credit towards my own membership. Think win-win!




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  1. Working from home is really nice. I always see VA in social media but I have a limited idea of how they work. I will check the link, I hope there is free webinar about VA’s?

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