Why It’s OK To Cry and Cry Again


I couldn’t help but cry as I sat on the bus. I was with my father on our way to our province.

At that time, I just resigned from a job of three years, but have also accepted a better offer from another company.

It should have been a happy time but I allowed tears to fall because I pitied myself. I knew I could never keep up with the Jones’s and should never ever keep up with them.

I had different priorities in terms of how I used my monthly salary. I was still single then, but I had learned early on how to budget to fulfill my obligations, expenses, and investments. I didn’t have credit cards so I made do with what I have. That means there were no extras, no splurges, no happy hours, and no more, no less. I lived a simple life.

But my office mates, they were rich yuppies. I mean, they could afford kinds of stuff. I couldn’t.

So, I veered away from them. I had my own world, away from their worlds. But sometimes, I had to try to keep up, and that was the sad part. Because it was all pretensions.

My father looked at me and asked if everything was OK. I told him, ‘Of course, I just need to wash my eyes.’

I couldn’t tell him the story.

He nodded his head and allowed me to succumb to my emotions. He didn’t ask any more questions.

And that was the best gift he has ever given that day, his silent presence.

I cannot undo what was done, I can only learn from it. That has been my battle cry even when I was younger. I can only move forward. I can only look at solutions, and not the problem.

But at that moment, I felt I had to recollect my thoughts so I could pin on what I needed to change and learn from.

As I gathered memories I allowed my tears to wash away all feelings of pity, envy, anguish and resentment of self and overwhelming experiences.

I allowed my tears to set me free from unwanted feelings and I allowed my tears to open up a new world of insights and feelings of love, hope, peace.

After that bus ride, I felt I’ve just thrown away the big baggage I was carrying. I felt lighter and freer!

My crying didn’t change the past nor solved it but It was indeed a good release!

Friends, when was the last time you cried?

I hope you won’t bottle up your emotions inside too much…

I hope you would release that heavy load soon…

I hope you start to let out and let go…

I hope you would be open to releasing your hurts and pains…

I hope you can dump that negative energies and feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness, and loneliness…

For just one time, please do it.

Please cry…

Not only because I heard, bottling up of negative energies and negative feelings could be a cause of cancer but…

You deserve a break.

You deserve a release.

You deserve to be free.

I know, crying will not change the world but it could be the first step to finding ways to solve your issues. Yes!

Just cry it out!

Anyway, my kids and I happened to see this movie, The Impossible on Netflix and it made us all cry and cry again!

It is a true story about a family who was in Thailand during the Indian Ocean tsunami. It is a must-see movie if you want to forget your aches and pains even for a while.

Happy crying!




8 thoughts on “Why It’s OK To Cry and Cry Again”

  1. I agree with you. I used to hide all my emotions inside and I was trying to look stronger than I really am. Later I realised it’s always better to release negative emotions to start from the beginning. Thank you for that post.

  2. This was great to hear someone say this. I often in the past have been ridiculed for crying. Thankfully I have a husband who has encouraged me to share my emotions and not be fearful of what others will think when I cry. I am so happy to see others encouraging others to cry, Thank You!

  3. Crying can be emotionally and mentally freeing. I don’t usually cry in front of other people but every once in awhile when extremely stressed it really does help just to cryw it out.

  4. Crying is the release that comes when you are overwhelmed with emotion. It is meant to be just that, a release. I think it is perfectly natural to cry. I don’t see a thing wrong with crying.

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