If Jhet’s Dreams Came True, Then Ours Would Too!


Sister Eliza thought Juliet is small and yet she moves very fast! So, she gave her a new name, Jhet, like a jet plane. After that Juliet became even more unstoppable with her goals. In fact, her new name prodded her to reach her dreams like a jet plane!

Whatever her mind conceives and believes, she achieves!

It is amazing to hear, watch, read or see people who have risen from poor circumstances to reaching their full potential.

I admire people who are like that, those who wouldn’t allow excuses to overpower who they want to be, and those who work hard because they have a dream to fulfill.

Jhet is one of those special ones.

We know the rags to riches story, right?

She was once poor yet she gave her all!

Jhet at a very young age helped her family in selling fruits, vegetables, bread, anything that will help put food on the table. She knew what commitment, patience, hard work, and effort means. She has done it all… and then it pays off. One by one, angels come in different sizes and forms.

She has activated the power to change her life!

Do you know what was amazing in her story? It was her constant desire to go higher and higher. And I am telling you as she desires, life gives it to her! Wow, huh?

Whenever an idea plays in her mind, she’ll work it up! Jhet will see it happen in her mind first and then results will be like a miracle in action.

Her dreams came true!

It is enchanting to see how God has and continue to orchestrate her life events. It is overwhelming to see how God molded her being and how He sent angels to guide her in achieving all her dreams!

I thank the heavens for being given a chance to see how life unfolds before her. She rocks!

I was once told that those who rose from the ranks, those who were born poor and end up becoming famous, or those who was once a nobody and now powerful, were new souls. Jhet must have been a new soul!

She is an amazing woman! I love how her mind works. I love how she opens herself up to possibilities and how she embraces life’s surprises!

She even met Saint (Mother) Teresa! How can one be so lucky?

But, it wasn’t luck.

I believe, it is all her mind! It is how she manipulates her mind to think of opportunities, solutions, and results that are in play.

Oh, but, yes it could also be luck because when one is ready to receive, luck seems to be always around. She has the best mind for luck to breed.

I love that!

How would you like to change your life? Do you like to achieve all your dreams?

If Jhet’s dream came true, I believe so can we!

That power is within us all! We all have the power to change our lives!!!

But wait! Who is Jhet???

Well, I do not know her personally but she is a very successful Filipino who now lives in Canada.

Oh, I read her book!

The Tale of Juliet: You Have the Power to Change Your Life



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