Guasha Meridian Therapy Heals

Guasha Meridian Therapy and Avita Herbal Oils helped my mother’s healing.

My mommy Grace was confined in the hospital for 15 days. After her 5th day at the hospital, the doctors told my brothers and sisters-in-law that the antibiotics were not helping her anymore. My friend, Dr. Diona Jacoba-Mabus sent the oils upon knowing what happened to her.

Upon first application of the oils and guasha, miracle after miracle happened. She is out of harm’s way now and she continues to get better and better.

What is Guasha Meridian Therapy (GMT)?

It is believed that we have meridians in our body. These meridians are energy channels or healing energy pathways. They transport life energy throughout the body.

This energy flowing in our body makes us alive, healthy and balanced.

A lot of factors like stress and bad living habits can block our meridians causing imbalances that would eventually result to illnesses or health problems.

Guasha or scraping of these meridians help in allowing the energy to flow again and helps in promoting balance and health.

Scrape Yourself to Good Health!

Guasha Therapy is both curative and preventive. It is a simple, relaxing and beneficial to good health.


Meridian 101 Workshop is offered by, based in Singapore.

Philippines contact person:

Dr. Diona Jacoba-Mabus

Phone: +63917-548-1644


Just please let her know you read Mommy Grace’s story.


Cheers to happy self-healing!



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